Peaceful View from the Clinic

Gouache, watercolor and ink on paper

12” × 9”

I initially painted some silver polka dots. I was honestly going to finish it at that. Then I turned those polka dots into flowers. Cute little flowers, very decorative. I wanted to keep it safe, painting what I knew I couldn’t screw up. Unimpressed with the results, I got out my big flat watercolor brush and went over the surface with water. Just one layer, from one side to the other. Immediately after, I dripped (my all time favorite) yellow liquid watercolor and applied different gouache and watercolors. Then “erased” it again with water. I did this 2-3 times before I decided to paint from a photo my friend sent me a few days ago – it is a view from a hospital. I got out my trusty black sumi ink and drew tree branches. Then splashed on green ink for the leaves.

After I removed my straitjacket of safety and wet the page (it is called wet-on-wet), it became so much better. It was exhilarating in fact.