28 July 19

Are you a normal person?

For most of my life, I didn’t consider myself a normal person. But after my son Gus was born 8 months ago, I see how mundane and ordinary my life is and for the first time, I feel Normal. I like this feeling. I used to spend a lot of time and effort invested into thinking I’m Abnormal. Normal feels boring and unglamorous, but the result is a much simpler life and I no longer feel like I have to save the world. I like this a lot.

I recently read a novel called Normal People by Sally Rooney. I enjoyed this book so much.

It’s written in 3rd person POV. It’s about the relationship between wealthy and unpopular Marianne Sheridan and working class and popular Connell Waldron. Both Marianne and Connell are gifted students at their high school in Sligo County, Ireland. Later on, we see the two at Trinity College in Dublin. Marianne’s mother works as a lawyer and Connell’s mother works as a cleaner for the Waldrons. Marianne’s family is troubled and emotionally unavailable. Connell was raised by his single mum in a nurturing environment.

This book helped me to better understand myself. For instance, I learned that my mum really instilled a sense of right and wrong in me. It’s useful, but sometimes I get so caught up in doing the right thing that it’s debilitating.

I learned that it’s okay to take a pause before answering questions.

I learned that context is everything. In one setting, you could be popular, but in another, you may be unpopular.

Normal People helped me better understand some of my (peculiar) behaviors.


8 November 10

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